These tintypes were made during a performance as part of Flux Night on October 5, 2013, hosted by 9 Ace Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia.  They are 4"x5" metal plates that were double exposed with a portrait and an ancient symbol.  

 A description of the performance and documentary photos are below.




The performance took place in a small gallery space in the Castleberry district of Atlanta during an event that attracted a large amount of pedestrian traffic.  There was a sandwich board sign out front advertising 'Spirit Photos' and the same letters on two windows facing the street.  Chairs were available for people to sit outside and wait their turn to take part of the performance.  Potential guests were told that this was a performance in which one artist, Karen Tauches would speak with them individually about their views on the afterlife, (life after death) and reincarnation of the soul (life before life).  And a second artist, Sean McCormick, would photograph them.  Guests were brought in by the door maiden and seated in the sparsely decorated space that was light mostly with blue neon light and additionally by an oil lamp.  A bell was rung as the guest was seated.  The door maiden exited and Karen Tauches entered through a rear door.  The guest and Karen began a personal conversation about spirituality at the start of which Karen lowered a shade to give the pair privacy from the onlookers outside the windows.  The guest was invited to choose and hold a special stone from a selection housed in a jewelry box.  Then the guest was invited to look at a selection of symbols, white marks on black paper.  Karen encouraged the guest to select one they felt spoke to them. Upon their selection of the symbol, Karen rang the bell and exited through the rear door as Sean McCormick entered the space.  He raised the shade permitting the people outside the see the guest once more.  He photographed the symbol and then photographed the guest while they were holding their chosen object in their hand.  The two photos were superimposed together on a tin type photo plate that was developed on site later in the evening.  After the photos were taken, Sean held the box open for the guest to replace their object and escorted them out of the space.  Upon leading the guest outside he rang the bell and handed it to the door maiden and exited the space out the rear door.