Wishing the people of Cuba all the best

I'm releasing to the world this photo of me with Alex Castro, a photographer and son of Fidel Castro, in celebration of the U.S. government's statement today that the Embargo has not accomplished the goal of toppling the communist government in Cuba.  The Embargo will be eased with the aim of helping the Cuban people.  If you don't support Fidel Castro and his dubious humanitarian record, you have every right to do so, but that aside, we have the opportunity to help millions of people living 90 miles from our shores.  The ineffectual Embargo has been used as a political tool to cement Republican Party support in the state of Florida which holds a large 29 votes in the electoral college.  The past two elections Florida leaned Democratic, allowing Obama wiggle room to roll back McCarthy-era policies toward Cuba.  As loyal citizens we must respect our country's decision to implement this change in the same manner we followed the rules of the Embargo.  I was lucky to go to Cuba legally with an Artist Visa.

After traveling and living in Cuba for over 6 weeks, my take away is that it's less Communist and more Socialist.  I'll defend my argument visually.