New Conceptual Project: Letters Sent

I've just started a new project that continues my metaphysical exploration.  The image below is a tintype of Rachel and a letter that she wrote to her grandmother who passed recently.  We did a ritual as follows:  Light a candle and announce why we are gathered and to whom we wish to communicate.  Sitter will pen a letter written in white on black paper.  We move in front of the camera where the candle and letter are set to the side and then read aloud by the sitter.  After reading I make a photo of the person on tintype material and film, then I photograph the letter on tintype and film.  I process the tintype on the spot and give it to the sitter.  We then offer spoken wishes to the recipient of the letter and ignite the letter with the candle.  The tintype is given to the sitter as a record of our communication - I'll make a digital copy of it for my records.  At a later date with my film I will be able to produce separate objects, not sure what format yet.  I think it's important for me to give away the tintype as it's a unique object made at that time-a very personal record of the event.  I'm also thinking about having the candle and perhaps ashes all be kept by my subject.  I'm very pleased many people I share my project with want to participate, looking to do this ritual with all kinds of folks with varied spiritual beliefs.