US Rowing Team, Lightweight 8, wins the Bronze Medal !

I photographed the US Rowing Team as they practiced this summer for the 2015 World Rowing Championship in France. They took home the Bronze Medal in August!  They were only .27 seconds behind second place France, with Germany winning the Gold.  I made these photos from the coach's boat motoring beside the team as they launched from the Community Rowing boathouse on the Charles River in Boston.  In the eight person boats there is one athlete per oar with a coxswain steering and coordinating the strokes.  Unlike the old days, the coxswain does not have a megaphone, all communication is done with wireless headsets.  I used alternative processes to make some of the photos.  Jack Carlson, the coxswain is pictured dressed in a blazer from one of his alma maters.  He recently released a book on the tradition of Rowing Blazers. More rowing photos on my homepage.